Action Alert from the Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus (MGLPC):

Convert the Gays : Local radio station broadcasts homophobic teen counselor

Ask KISS 108 to pull the plug on Dawson McAllister

dawsonpicTop 40 radio station KISS 108 airs Dawson McAllister every Sunday night. The show is billed as a place for “those 25 and younger to call in and talk about their lives, deepest needs….broken families…depression, addiction, …” etc.

What they don’t tell you is that when young LGBTs call in and speak off air to one of McAllister’s representatives, they are told that their homosexuality is no better than drug addiction, prostitution and murder; that being gay will condemn them to hell; and that the only solution is for them is to be “cured” of their homosexuality through God.

Vulnerable young callers are then directed to Exodus International where they ‘will receive the help they need’. Exodus International is the ‘Ex-Gay’ ministry that claims to convert LGBTs into being straight. Exodus’ conversions are universally discredited by mainstream psychiatrists and psychologists.

It is despicable that the Dawson McAllister show hides its affiliation with these anti-gay religious extremists. The unsuspecting LGBT youth who they lure into being ‘counseled’ deserve better. And listeners deserve honesty and transparency.

Telling young people struggling with their sexuality that the only answer is to “convert” and be cured is a psychological sucker punch. It is at best cruel. And it is factually inaccurate.

McAllister’s show does not belong on a Top 40 station listened to by thousands of young people in the Boston area. KISS 108 claims they didn’t know of McAllister’s hidden anti-gay agenda. But their parent company Clear Channel should. And Clear Channel owns Premier Radio which distributes McAllister’s program to over 160 stations across the country, many of them owned by Clear Channel.

Call KISS 108 and Clear Channel to demand they “clear the channel” of homophobes poisoning the minds of LGBT youth. We deserve better. LGBT youth deserve better.

Note: While McAllister’s on air script is not openly homophobic, his off-air counselors are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Special thanks to KTN for uncovering this story and providing the contact info:

Marc Mays, CEO, Clear Channel
Executive Assistant: Carole Adamek, 210-832-3306

Lisa Dollinger, Communications Director, Clear Channel
Executive Assistant: 210-832-3348

Jack McCartney, Program Director, KISS 108: 781-396-1430

Update: When you call or write, do not accept referrals to Premiere Radio, which is a Christian Right company that intentionally misinforms the public about Exodus International. It is Clear Channel’s responsibility to refuse to do business with contractors that intentionally harm youth.

If your contacts disagree that Exodus deliberately harms youth and promotes genocide, please feel free to cite the following:

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