Queeried has discovered that whilst states like Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Nevada all LOVE to tell us how much they disapprove of the idea of gay marriage, and the harm that us evil gay people can do, it seems within their own homes they think quite differently.

How do we know this? Because we’ve been doing a little bit of digging, and checking out just who has been watching all that gay porn that’ floating about on the internet, and thanks to Google Trends we’ve discovered it’ not the progressive states that embrace the LGBT community who are using up the gay porn sites bandwidths, it is in fact made up mostly of states who like nothing better than to tell us just how awful our lifestyle is.

And the top ten list?

South Carolina

Okay, so Vermont is the outlier here, and I’m going to hazard a guess that they watch Alotta The Porn because they are very cold and don’t have many places to go for entertainment once winter sets in in, you know, September or so. But the rest of those are not so chilly, are they? No, they are not. They are hot and wingnutty and sweaty and teabaggy (apparently in more ways than ONE) and Real ‘Murkan, and now we know that their AOL accounts are chock full o’ Islamofascistopelosisexual San Francisco val-yews, as well.

Well. I. Never!