Here’s Bryan Fischer, being just like his Jesus again:

[T]he most compassionate thing we can do for Americans is to bring a halt to the immigration of Muslims into the U.S. This will protect our national security and preserve our national identity, culture, ideals and values. Muslims, by custom and religion, are simply unwilling to integrate into cultures with Western values and it is folly to pretend otherwise. In fact, they remain dedicated to subjecting all of America to sharia law and are working ceaselessly until that day of Islamic imposition comes.

The most compassionate thing we can do for Muslims who have already immigrated here is to help repatriate them back to Muslim countries, where they can live in a culture which shares their values, a place where they can once again be at home, surrounded by people who cherish their deeply held ideals. Why force them to chafe against the freedom, liberty and civil rights we cherish in the West?

In other words, simple Judeo-Christian compassion dictates a restriction and repatriation policy with regard to Muslim immigration into the U.S.

Where do I start? First of all, what a bigot!

Need I go further? Okay fine. Bryan. Dear, sweet, several-bricks-shy-of-a-load Bryan: Firstly, the great majority of the Muslims who immigrate to the United States come here for the same reasons any other immigrant does: opportunity, education, etc. MANY of them could buy and sell you, because if you haven’t noticed, MANY of them are business owners and physicians. Secondly, I’m very sorry that Muslim immigration interferes with your scared little wingnut desire to keep the United States as white as possible, but you’ve already lost that battle, babycakes! This year, there will be more minority babies born in the United States than white babies. This year! Why is it that white people like me are not threatened by this, yet white people like you are hiding under your bed a-feared of the browns a-comin’ to git you? Thirdly, talking about “Muslims” as a monolithic entity is a bit like talking about “Christians” as a monolithic entity. You may not be aware of this, but Muslims come in many different hues, and from many different countries, and they are actually not interchangeable! So to say that “Muslims” want to impose Shari’a law on the United States is pure, unadulterated ignorance. Fourth, how dare you suggest that people who have immigrated here legally should be repatriated to their countries of origin? How dare you? Unless you are a full blooded American Indian, Bryan, you have no more claim to this land than any other person of immigrant ancestry.

What I do not understand is why whiny white men like you, Bryan, are so frightened of Muslims. Seriously. I grew up knowing Muslim families. They lived in our predominantly Jewish neighborhood. And guess what, Bryan? They were friends with the neighbors, too! Some of them worshipped at mosques, because that is their right, in this place called The United States of America! I would suggest, Bryan, that if you have a problem with the AMERICAN WAY, that you simply leave and find somewhere else to live. That’s right, Bryan. You don’t get to “make up” what you think America is based on what you wish it was. You may live to see the day that you are a racial minority, Bryan.

Deal with it!

It’s worth noting that at the above link, the American Family Association felt the need to issue a disclaimer stating that they’ve not taken a position on this issue. Bryan is obviously embarrassing them, and they know that people are watching. If they continue to publish Bryan’s writing, they’re going to end up being viewed not only as an anti-gay hate group, but also as racist hate group.