JamaicaPride002From Andy at UK Gay News:

Imagine. Gay Pride in Jamaica. The words of William Urich, the chair of InterPride Committee on International GLBTI Human Rights, on the first public Pride even on the Caribbean island which was staged yesterday.

“Yesterday was an amazing day, here in Montego Bay,” he told UK Gay News. “My eyes well up at the very thought of the day’s outstanding and astounding success.”

Officially, it was the Walk for Tolerance from Howard Cooke Park, along Howard Cooke Boulevard and ending on the beach.The Rev. Nancy Wilson and Rev. Pat Bumgardner (pictured) the Metropolitan Community Church were on-hand for the march. Congratulations for the brave Jamaicans and MCC for creating positive steps for change in this country.

Last year, we helped launch a boycott against the homophobic island nation. Although the boycott is officially over and did not accomplish what we had hoped, it did raise awareness of the plight of LGBT Jamaicans. As for me – I’m personally still boycotting. Although, with more efforts, such as this, maybe I will one day visit this island. I certainly hope so.