RemSunember a few months ago when it was snowing in the northeast and mid-Atlantic states and right wing commentators, such as Glenn Beck, were making fun of Al Gore and deriding climate change?

Well, this week, New York City is setting record temperatures. People are sweating and drinking ice coffee in April. Yet, no liberal commentators are claiming that this proves global warming will melt the globe. Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann are not opportunistically claiming the sudden heat wave portends the precipice of doom.

You see, the right and the left are not mirror opposites balancing a great philosophical see-saw. On the left you have smart people trying to make sense of a complicated world by using empirical wisdom and raw data to extrapolate the truth to the best of their abilities. To this group, science is important and the truth is where the facts lead.

The extreme right is different. You have paranoid, conspiratorial people who have created a fantasy version of reality and cherry pick facts to support a narrow worldview. This explains why the right opportunistically used the snowstorms this winter to bash Al Gore for his great work on climate change, while there is no similar effort on the left to exploit the spring heatwave.

Watch the video of Glenn Beck lying and exploiting the snow as evidence that global warming was a hoax