This has been buzzing around for the last hour, and people are pissed. I haven’t seen the video yet, but it seems that Kyra Phillips did a report on “ex-gays,” and here’s how it went down:

CNN’s Kyra Phillips just ran a repulsive and shockingly irresponsible segment…in which she asked, “Homosexuality ‚ÄîIs it a problem in need of a cure?”

She then brought on crackpot “ex-gay” Richard Cohen, spewing lies about how people can change their sexuality and become straight, with nobody to rebut his disproven arguments. (You may remember when Rachel Maddow ripped Cohen to shreds over Uganda).

First of all, Kyra: The fact that you asked this question is beyond the pale, because it’s been answered, repeatedly, by every credible mental health and medical organization, going all the way back to the early 1970’s! No, Kyra, it’s not a “problem in need of a cure,” and it’s absurd that you would ask the question. I know that CNN is failing miserably right now, and I know that the Murdoch empire has pressured mainstream media organizations to seek faux “balance” in all areas, but this is insane. Will we next see a story on CNN about someone who has left the negro lifestyle? I mean, you’re just asking the questions, right? Because yes, that would be the same, in terms of journalistic integrity.

And CNN, are you really not aware of Richard Cohen? If not, let us help, because his antics have been covered here thoroughly, from his ties to the anti-gay genocide bill in Uganda, his man-cuddling ministry, his activities with the hate group PFOX, and so on.

Why don’t you spend a little time doing some damn research before you go on the air with imbecilic nonsense?


Video when it’s available.

(h/t Joe Sudbay)

UPDATE: Speaking of ex-gay crackpots, Bryan Safi tore Richard Cohen a new one in a particularly memorable episode of “That’s Gay”:

(h/t Joe.My.God)