Larry King hosts the debate between Sinead O’Connor, the intellectually dishonest, anti-gay Bill Donohue, former CNN anchor Thomas Roberts, himself abused by a priest as a teenager. and a couple of priests. Bill Donohue basically continues his campaign of not caring about the victims and defending the Pope no matter what. He also continues his disgusting argument that raping minors isn’t so bad if they’ve hit puberty.

The only good thing about this scandal is that it’s exposing people like Bill Donohue for the rape apologists they truly are.

There’s an entertaining moment in this segment where Sinead O’Connor says something very sensible, and indeed, conciliatory — she is, after all, a committed Catholic — and Bill Donohue loses his mind. I’m going to guess he’s not accustomed to respecting a woman’s forthright opinion, but again, that’s just a guess.

In this third clip, Bill Donohue hilariously claims that he is “second to nobody” in fighting for victims of sexual abuse. Amazing. The self-aggrandizement is simply amazing:

(h/t Joe.My.God)