Oh, but of course. Bill Donohue took this ad out in The New York Times:


His unwillingness to lay responsibility at the feet of the Vatican is unsurprising, and grows ever more tiring. His argument that, because hey, other entities didn’t report the child rape either, is childish. His argument that because many of the victims were going through puberty is specious and disgusting, as it simultaneously says “Hey, this isn’t so bad because some of their voices had dropped and everything,” yet also allows him to scapegoat an entire community of people, most of whom aren’t even Catholic, for the egregious sins of the Roman Catholic Church leadership. His blame-the-victim mindset in the last paragraph is appalling, yet typical for the rape culture mindset of some conservative Catholic men.

This is what happens when a person’s entire worldview is based around the dictates of what some consider to be a criminal organization which claims infallibility and a direct line to the divine. It’s all meaningless, of course, but unfortunately, religious entities such as this are allowed to go relatively unchallenged in today’s world, and when they are challenged, they feign stigmata and cry “victim!” as loudly as they possibly can.

And sadly, this behavior is so common that millions merely roll their eyes and move on.

(h/t Pam Spaulding)