Having co-launched Uganda’s antigay death-penalty campaign with applause one year ago, Exodus International is belatedly engaging in damage control by criticizing a Ugandan national social worker association’s endorsement of antigay genocide.

The National Association of Social Workers of Uganda (NASWU) argued “there is justification for Uganda to put in place appropriate legislation to comprehensively prohibit homosexuality” by killing the nation’s homosexuals through a “process that even other countries will want to emulate.”

In response, Exodus International President Alan Chambers criticized the NASWU but gives the organization too much credit:

Although the NASWU seems genuinely concerned in helping those struggling with same-sex attraction, the organization fails to see that Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009–as any legislation that criminalizes homosexuality–does more to hurt than help homosexuals.

Genuinely concerned? Nonsense. One does not help people by silencing and killing them.

Exodus fails to support human rights or freedom for any Ugandans; instead, Exodus merely suggests that evangelical churches patronize the unfree masses by offering “hope and healing” to those who surrender to the U.S. fundamentalist ideology that these churches have imported.