Are you sensing a theme? I’m just rounding it up and putting it all in one place so that if somebody like Bill Donohue decides to visit the old Truth Wins Out, the condemnation is handily collected and prominently featured on the first nine pages of the blog. I hope that works for everybody.

You all need to read every word of Matt Taibbi’s entry, “The Catholic Church Is A Criminal Enterprise,” but I’ll quote one of the best parts. It’s Taibbi, so if you don’t like Teh Potty Language, feel free to replace each expletive with “peas and carrots” or “fudge” or something? This is just the first two paragraphs:

Anyone who’ interested in losing his lunch should read the above-mentioned blog entry by New York archbishop Timothy Dolan in defense of Pope Benedict; the archbishop’ incredibly pompous and self-pitying rant is some of the most depraved horseshit I’ve ever seen on the internet, which is saying a lot.

One expects professional slimeballs like the public relations department of Goldman Sachs to pull out the “Well, we weren’t the only thieves!” argument when accused of financial malfeasance. But I almost couldn’t believe my eyes as I read through Dolan’ retort and it dawned on me that he was actually going to use the “We weren’t the only child molesters!” excuse. Dolan must have very roomy man-robes, because it seems to me you’d need a set of balls like two moons of Jupiter to say such a thing in public and expect it to fly.

It just gets more amazing from there.

Also worth reading: Roger Ailes (the non-evil one).