There’s a silly poll at a website called The Voice of the Martyrs, asking whether Christians are persecuted in the United States.


I only post this because we all know all too well that most of the “persecution” faced by fundamentalist Christians in this country basically involves them being forced to stop lording their beliefs over other people and/or get over the fact that that they live in a secular nation with a separation of church and state, and that it’s truly irrelevant what their beliefs on what “God said” about marriage, etc., are, when it comes to treating LGBT citizens equally.

So anyway. Go Freep this poll. It was already posted at Pharyngula, where P.Z. gave the following instructions:

Wah, wah, wah…make them cry some more, persecute them by going clicky-clicky on a little button on the internet.

Because that’s all it takes to persecute them, really. Over 90% are already answering no, but that number should be more like 99.9%.

(And yes, I know some of you readers are Christians, and you should know that polls like this aren’t about liberal, open-minded Christians who don’t have a victim complex every time somebody breathes in their direction.)

A reader at our Facebook page offers some fabulous perspective on this, though:

I thought Jesus said Christians are supposed to rejoice if they’re persecuted for his sake. The mewling and puking of the religious right needs to stop. More rejoicing, less bitching.

I think he outsnarked me.

Damn. I have to up my game.