Michael Glatze was a founder of a gay teenybopper magazine. Then, he seemed to have some sort of nervous breakdown and became an outspoken “ex-gay” activist.

During this phase, he wrote a couple of obnoxious and misleading articles for World Nut Daily. However, his time on the “ex-gay” circuit was short-lived.

On Nov. 20, 2009, Glatze sent out a bizarre E-mail saying that he would no longer be a spokesperson for the “ex-gay” industry. His demise as a mindless mouthpiece came after he wrote a racist rant against president Barack Obama on his rambling vanity blog.

“Have I mentioned lately how utterly *disgusting* Obama is? And, yes, it’ because he’ black. God, help us all,” wrote Glatze.

According to Glatze’s goodbye e-mail:

“After a lot of praying, I have decided I am NOT meant to be a spokesperson for the cause of healing from homosexuality….God has given me deliverance from the homosexual sin — but, He is not asking me to stand on a platform, as an activist, against my former lifestyle.”

Not surprisingly, the fickle and capricious Glatze is already back in action. He will appear on Porno Pete LaBarbera’s new radio show “The Americans for Truth Hour.” The gig is on a Chicago Christian radio station on Saturday evenings during the graveyard shift. I’m sure the ratings will be through the roof.

It seems from Glatze’s letter that God was very clear when he said: “He is not asking me to stand on a platform, as an activist, against my former lifestyle.”

Yet, here Glatze is – in less than six months – standing on the very platform God told him to avoid. A person who would openly defy God to appear on a hate group’s radio show in the dead of night (with an audience you can count on one hand) is the definition of a media whore. (no offense to sex workers)

Despite God’s admonition, Glatze still hasn’t changed. He is the same grandstanding hypocrite who is drawn to the spotlight like a mosquito in June.