So, a year after helping to spark a wretched anti-gay bill in Uganda that has terrorized LGBT people, the ex-gay organization Exodus International puts out an offensive statement condemning the wreckage they helped cause.

For those who don’t remember, Exodus Board member Don Schmierer took part in a conference last spring in Kampala where attendees pledged to “wipe out” homosexuality in Uganda. Soon after, the dreaded Anti-Homosexuality bill was introduced. Nice work, guys.

TWO’s Michael Airhart analyzed the inadequacy of Exodus’ letter this morning. But, my first impression, aside from the term, “too little, too late”, is umbrage that Exodus’ main objection was that killing gays won’t give the group a chance to convert them.

No thanks, I personally see wasting time in a failed Exodus ministry with unqualified – and potentially abusive – counselors trying to brainwash me to be no more than a minor improvement over the noose. So, Exodus, you can spare us the “help” offered in your noxious note.

If Exodus wants to make a difference it should embrace the John Denver Plan: Leave for Kampala on a jet plane.

The group’s president Alan Chambers, Vice President Randy Thomas and Don Schmierer have a duty to fly to Kampala ASAP and condemn the bill in person. They should have a press conference at the same hotel where Schmierer appeared at the anti-gay conference. At this point, anything short of taking this step (other than Chambers, Thomas and Schmierer resigning in shame) are unacceptable.

Exodus helped create the mess in Uganda and only in this African nation can they clean it up. Writing woefully tardy letters from the comfortable confines of their Orlando headquarters is just unacceptable.

This the real world where people die, Exodus – not some joyride on a nice spring day at Disney World.