The Lady Margaret Srivastav nee Gallagher hath penned a piece for TownHall Dot Com, wherein she hitteth the fainting couch over liaisons of an adulterous sort! She wantest not to jaileth those who cheateth on their chattel, but would like the government please to doeth more to discourage this!

Anyway, it’s stupid, and it’s just more of Maggie Gallagher’s moralistic crap, so read it if you must, but I simply had to bring you this fabulous quote from Thers at Whiskey Fire, in reaction to the piece specifically, but more broadly in response to the entire conservative worldview which inspires hateful toads of perpetual scorn like Maggie. It has The Potty Language in it, so I put it below the fold, so if you have a problem with The Potty Language, don’t click the clicky, but this quote is really too good to hide under a bushel. First off, here’s the Gallagher phlegm to which Thers is responding:

I do not want to pin a scarlet “A” on the breast of every man or woman who has sinned. I want something much more modest. I want people who commit this moral trespass to have the decency not to attempt to profit from it in the national media.

Here’s what I’m guessing: We have some of the tools right now to stop it, if we wanted to use them. Some of the men hooking up through Web sites that advertise adultery probably live in states where adultery is still technically against the law, or where torts of criminal conversation or alienation of affection exist. An injured spouse or an aggressive state attorney general could make a case out of this.

But we could also update these older torts of adultery with new language that makes explicit that commercial enterprises that intentionally and explicitly attempt to profit from acts of adultery expose themselves to lawsuits by the injured wife and children. For that matter, why isn’t commercially soliciting for adultery as much of a crime as soliciting for prostitution?

And here is Thers’ response:

This is all very strange to me. I’m thoroughly mystified why Government Intervention in regards to fucking is devoutly to be wished, but as far as healthcare and not destroying the planet go, eek Marxism. I speculate this is to do with how if you call yourself a “conservative,” you’re a complete shit.

He is my hero. Can the choir get an “Amen”? It really IS that simple.