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Ex Gay Watch revealed in an investigative report that Light House World Evangelism, Inc. will close. This ministry has been run by Matthew C. Manning, who claims God had cured him of AIDS and homosexuality. Although, his claims seem doubtful, considering he was arrested on three separate occasions for soliciting men. He was also banned from a popular gym after improper sexual advances were made on a 22-year-old heterosexual male.

According to Ex-Gay Watch, Manning had a revelation from God during the Winter Olympics to close up his sodomy shop, um, I mean, ministry.

“During the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics, the torch was extinguished, and the flame was symbolically given to the next host country. At the very moment the flame was extinguished in Canada, God said to me, ‘The Flame the Anointing the Presence and Power of My Holy Spirit, will no longer reside over LightHouse World Evangelism, Inc., rather it is being transferred to a new ministry that I am calling you and your family to.”

We can only look forward to Manning’s next venture. Maybe he will open a fundamentalist gym, now that he has no place to pump….iron.