From Petters Info (Blog by Avidor)

Tattooed, right-wing-Xtian rocker Bradlee Dean and his sidekick Jake apparently crashed a meet & greet in Cokato a couple weeks ago and “confronted” gubernatorial candidate John Marty on his support for marriage equality.

See Videos here

I was quite impressed with Marty’s excellent, articulate response to these bigots who were clearly baiting him.

I also find it quite interesting that we have yet another tattooed, rocker posing as a right wing nut. It was not too long ago that tattoos and rock-n-roll (aka the Devil’s music) were big Christian issues – just like homosexuality is viewed today – and seen as marks of impurity and sin.

Yet, this hypocrite, apparently ignorant of history, has the gall to whine about changing standards and the evolution of society – even has he literally embodies it. Talk about picking and choosing so-called sin to conveniently conform to one’s own selfish interests and desires!

Note to “hip” fundies: If you are going to pretend you are a conservative, walk the walk. Stop taking advantage of the advances of liberal culture, while whining about it. If you want to be a true Christian fundamentalist, put away the boom box, take the electric guitar off your shoulder, stop shaking your pelvis and gyrating on-stage and have your tattoos removed.

Until you do this, spare me the nonsense that you are a Christian conservative representing unchanging moral codes. You are a living example of how society has changed.