If you’re not familiar with Rod Dreher, he is one of the most comical of the Christian conservative writers on the internet, because he’s one of those who really wants to be one of the cool kids, really wants to appeal across cultural lines, and so it’s all the more hilarious watching him fall flat again and again. (And if you really want to know more than that, just click here.) But this quote, from a longer piece about how the rock and roll music the kids listen to is simultaneously awesome, and also terrible, and also saved the Russians, but also killed the Russians, etc., just struck me as funny:

I remember another night long ago, when I was in college, and listening to George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex.” A thoughtful Christian who lived on my hall in the dorm asked me how I could listen to those lyrics and remain so unaffected by the sentiment. He wasn’t asking in a prudish way; he was a fan of classic jazz and pop, and as an appreciator of the refined longings expressed in, say, the songs of Cole Porter, he was appalled by the barbarism in the George Michael song. I didn’t have an answer for him, but he did make me reflect on how the lyrics of so many songs I dearly loved expressed sentiments I found at the time distasteful, and, as I matured, would come to find gross.

Just two straight Christian dudes, holding each other accountable over which gay dudes’ music they should and should not be listening to…

This is not the first time Rod has tackled pop culture, of course:

I wonder what higher faculties of the soul are nurtured by contemplating Eminem’s couplet in which he discusses ejaculating into someone’s anus, then eating the semen. (Sorry to shock you, but if we’re going to talk about this, let’s be clear what we’re talking about).

AND scene!

(h/t Roy Edroso)