Think Progress:

Glaad reports that sponsors have “refused to allow” American figure skater Johnny Weir to join the Stars on Ice Tour because they deemed him “not family friendly.”

Uh huh.

Hi, Stars on Ice, can we talk for a second? Good. As your name implies, you are a touring cast for a sport that can only be described as the “supergayest sport ever.” What did Johnny Weir possibly do that made him anything less than “family-friendly”?* Because let me tell you something, Stars on Ice: Any family that watches figure skating together who doesn’t realize how gay the sport is** is in major league denial, akin to the Clay-mates in the year before Gay-ken came out of a closet door that had been off its hinges since he went on American Idol. I mean, come on, guys — it would be awful and offensive if this was the NFL, but at least that’s a grotesquely hetero-centric environment. But, for the record, how many times did you take this on tour with you?

Death spiral into a pile of men, probably

I mean, I’m not suggesting 100% that Brian Boitano is gay, because I don’t think he’s made an official statement on the subject, but, well, you know what I mean.

UPDATE: Ooh, and the snark level just went WAY up on this subject. Here’s what Dan Savage had to say about it:

You know what would be family friendly? A bunch of pissed of queers and Weir fans buying tickets to Stars on Ice and tossing bags of rock salt and dog sh*t onto the ice from their seats before the show.


*And why are you being all homophobic and making me blog about Johnny Weir when I’ve made it well known that I’m Team Evan?

**Hi, my family in 1992!