It’s so annoying when certain anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-intellectual wingnuts sprinkle their stupidity throughout entire columns, forcing those of us with triple digit IQ’s to refute them line by line. It’s so much easier when the entire premise of a wingnut piece of writing is so wrong, so easily disproven, and so conveniently contained in the first paragraph, that any further criticism is rendered unnecessary. Luckily, that’s how Mike Adams, America’s Dumbest College Professor* always writes:

It’ understandable that student newspapers at public universities are left-leaning. The advisors of the papers are usually left-leaning and they often have a left-leaning administration leaning on them. So their coverage of issues like abortion and homosexuality is often skewed. But private religious universities once provided a safe haven for those who wished to express views not approved by the immoral minority. It’ tough to comprehend the extent to which they have fallen prey to political correctness in recent years.

“Immoral minority?” Well, you see, Mike, Notre Dame is a school for smart kids, and higher intelligence correlates with majority support for LGBT people. Also, a landslide (and still growing) majority of millenials are gay-supportive, because they’ve been raised in an environment that makes them immune to the trademark masculine insecurities that come with the Mike Adams worldview:

One likely consequence of the Millennial generation’ rise is an end to the so-called culture wars that have marked American politics for the last several decades. Acrimonious disputes about family and religious values, feminism, gay rights, and race have frequently crippled progressives’ ability to make their case to the average American. Millennials support gay marriage, take race and gender equality as givens, are tolerant of religious and family diversity, have an open and positive attitude toward immigration, and generally display little interest in fighting over the divisive social issues of the past. Almost two-thirds agree that religious faith should focus more on promoting tolerance, social justice, and peace in society, and less on opposing abortion or gay rights.

Millennials are also notably progressive on foreign policy issues. As a generation, they are more oriented toward a multilateral and cooperative foreign policy than their elders. They are highly likely to believe that a positive image of America abroad is necessary to achieve our national security goals and that America’s security is best promoted by working through diplomacy, alliances, and international institutions. They have also generally been the age group most hostile to the war in Iraq and to former President George W. Bush’ handling of it. Exit polls from the 2008 election showed that only 22 percent of 18- to 29-year-old Millennials approved of the Iraq war, compared to 77 percent who disapproved.

This is even true at religious schools like Notre Dame. And this is why Mike Adams cries at night. (Allegedly.)

Anyway, Adams’ entire premise, as I said, is incorrect, easily disproven, and stupid, which renders the rest of the piece irrelevant. He can think LGBT people are “immoral” all he wants, but among the population which matters most to the future of this country, support for us and for our families is decidedly a majority thing.

(If you want to subject yourself to the rest of the column, be prepared for the fact that he’s arguing that the fact that Notre Dame’s student newspaper only wants to print pieces against homosexuality if a gay-supportive counterpoint is also provided means that the newspaper is homophobic. Understand that Mike Adams is projecting his own fear of gay men onto his column, and also that he writes for an abjectly stupid audience, i.e. people who read the American Family Association blog and TownHall for hard news. Also, understand that he looks like this, read the caption, and chortle to yourself.)

(Also? In case you think I’m being unnecessarily harsh, read this from Mike’s archive: “How To Bomb A Gay Bathhouse.” Not only is it offensive, but it’s fun to remind wingnuts of how often they’ve been wrong. In that piece, Mike is fapping/joking along with Ann Coulter, who had recently called John Edwards a “faggot.” I think we all know how that turned out.)

*Sorry, Glenn Reynolds and Ann Althouse! Better luck next time!