Well, you see, what had happened was:

San Diego City Council candidate Lorie Zapf has apologized for past comments in which she said “homosexuality is a sin” and that she wanted to keep gays out of public office.

A relative unknown, Zapf is distinguishing herself from the five-candidate field to replace outgoing Councilwoman Donna Frye, but not in the way she intended.

In a June 6, 2006, e-mail to anti-gay activist James Hartline, Zapf said, “I absolutely want to keep homosexuals out of public office and not be allowed to influence our schools, textbooks, altering marriage, children and on and on.”

Well, that’s not very nice, Lorie Zapf!

Hartline said he distributed the e-mail to media outlets this week because Zapf was not living up to his anti-gay standards.

Well, that’s predictably two-faced behavior from James Hartline!

“I chose my words poorly because clearly I don’t believe that gays should be kept from office because I have supported and endorsed candidates who are gay, strongly and publicly,” Zapf said. “Have you ever had an e-mail that you sent that, you know, pops up years later, and it was a hastily written e-mail? … My words were hurtful.”

I hate it when I write something that I totally don’t believe and then send it to James Hartline, and then get caught later when James sees a prophetic message in his Cinnamon Toast Crunch which tells him to publish it in his (EXCLUSIVE!!) report.

Haven’t we ALL been there?

“I do believe homosexuality is a sin,” Zapf wrote. “I have three homosexual first cousins. I love them all and would “be seen’ in a photo with them. I believe they all live in sin and frankly all are very unhappy people and had horrible childhoods as well.”

She added later, “For whatever reason God allowed people to choose homosexuality. So, there must be a reason for it, although I don’t get it, like so may (sic) other things that don’t make sense.”

I don’t even think she’s thought through why she doesn’t like gay people. Because that doesn’t make any sense.

Anyway, so to sum up:

Dingus lady wrote anti-gay e-mail to anti-gay gay man dressed as prophetess named James Hartline, Hartline forgot about it until he saw a prophetic message in his breakfast cereal, got mad at the dingus lady for not hating gays enough, and now he’s barking about it in the press. If you’re familiar with James, you know that the next step is public stigmata of some sort, probably in May, because San Diego in May is gorgeous.

TBogg thinks Zapf needs to atone a little bit more for her sins:

I think after she called her cousins big faggy loserfags who are going to faghell because God gave them a choice and they totally blew it, she should have said “Bless their hearts” because that would show empathy and voters love empathy… as long as it doesn’t cost anything.

Exactly. TBogg understands that real Americans act like Southerners.

Bless her heart.