Oh, how I love him:

Today I listened to Michael Medved and some moron from a “Religious Liberty” think-tank flipping out about the end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Their thesis was that forcing God-fearing, 1000% straight men like themselves to share locker rooms and barracks with gay men will mean the end of civilization, presumably because all that uncorrupted religious straight-dude flesh will be too much of a temptation for gay soldiers ‚Äî who naturally will have enlisted for deadly dangerous combat in stinking Middle Eastern hell-holes just to get a glimpse of toothless Christian boys from Arkansas naked. These megachurch-bred anti-gay advocates with their visceral terror about the end of the closet, sure that liberated gay men by the hundreds will be lying in wait to rape them the instant the shower-nozzles turn on … I mean, the amount of projection going on is so obvious, it’ almost laughable.

(Quote comes as an aside in a longer rant about Rush Limbaugh’s comments that, if New York Governor David Paterson appoints the replacement for Big Gay Groper Eric Massa, it will be the first time Paterson himself is a “massa.” But don’t call Rush racist, you guys! And by all means, if you have Republican family members/coworkers who think that’s funny, don’t call them on it, because they’ll just start telling you how much they didn’t mind it when a black family lived near them.)