ThomasImagine attending college from freshmen year through senior year without asking a single question in class.

It is unfathomable that one could graduate after four years of such an elongated stretch of conspicuous silence. Obviously, professors and peers would lose respect for this student’s cognitive abilities and think this individual was concealing a basic lack of knowledge.

At best, they would consider the pupil intellectually incurious, and at worst, they would label him or her mentally deficient.

To the point, I was reading the newspaper this morning and stumbled upon this startling fact: Justice Clarence Thomas has not asked a question from the bench since February 2006.

This is absolutely outrageous and speaks to the man’s ignorance and arrogance. Imagine the chutzpah he has thinking that he does not have to participate in the process. If each SCOTUS member behaved in such an irresponsible manner, the court could not function.

Justice Thomas is a disgrace to the Supreme Court and it is insulting that he has a say in the most important decisions that affect our nation. It is time he starts joining the discussion or he should step down before he degrades the court any further. If he does not have the wherewithal to ask pertinent questions, we ought to question his fitness to serve on the Supreme Court.