Here’s crazy Rob Schenck (most well known for running around DC and anointing doorways with oil, for some hocus pocus purpose or another) reacting to the advent of marriage equality in the District of Columbia:

“Let me remind everyone that there’ nothing new about what happened today at the Superior Court of the District of Columbia Marriage Bureau. In fact, it’ very old. Thousands of years ago, the world at the base of Mount Sinai looked very much like Indiana Avenue, NW, the street outside the Marriage Bureau office. Actually, it was far worse. On the Day of Pentecost, when the Christian Church was born at Jerusalem, Greco-Roman athletes competed in the nude and engaged in homosexual acts to titillate insatiably wild crowds.”

I had no idea they hired go-go boys for the event.


Then he gets all weird, though:

Worse, Roman men of stature kept wives to sire children by, but young boys as sexual play toys.

Sounds like Catholic priests, if you get rid of the “wives” part.

Temple prostitutes were used and abused as an act of worship. It was into this kind of moral abandon that the Jews first taught God’ moral code and Christians later were called to evangelize.

So here’s the thing, which should be encouraging for those of us on the side of fairness and equality. Only a person who is either extremely sheltered or abjectly stupid would look at what happened today in DC, as loving couples who have been together for years and years came and celebrated the legal recognition of their love, and see anything remotely resembling naked Greco-Roman wrestling, temple prostitution, pederasty, or anything of the sort. Talking Points Memo compiled a photo gallery from today in DC. Look through it and then tell me how insane Rob Schenck is in the comments section. Here are a couple of the photos and then click the above clicky to see the rest.



Oh, the debauchery.

(Photo credits: 1. Jeff Malet,, 2. Newscom/rollcallpix)

(h/t Right Wing Watch)