This is the funniest, campiest 700 Club clip I’ve ever seen. The melancholy music. The close-up shots of the little boy wearing high heel shoes. The credulous narrator. And that’s all in the first thirty seconds! I found it over at Rich’s FourFour blog, where he had this to say about it:

I’m of two minds regarding the ex-gay thing. Because I believe that no one is a better expert on my emotions than I am, it seems hypocritical to turn around and tell someone that what he’s saying he feels is not what he actually feels. Being “cured” of homosexuality flies in the face of what I consider to be innate and acceptable (Whoooo! I don’t need no cure! I don’t need no cure!), on top of it supporting the ludicrous “choice” argument made by the hateful and unsympathetic (homosexuality is a choice in the same way that going out to get food so that you don’t starve is a choice), but if Tony Spears wants to put on broad, five-minute theater to convince us he’s banging chicks now, well, whatever! I love the ultimate implication that you can be cured of desire, but that the gay sensibility is resistant to prayer. Reassuring!

Maybe if the way to “cure” homosexuality is through prayer, the way to cure homophobia is through laughter. I’m so sick of being depressed by shit that it’s worth a try.

I like the way he compared it to eating to fend off starvation. The only difference is that, while swearing off food is deadly, celibacy probably won’t kill you. But it won’t change the fact that your biology draws you toward a certain kind of person, a certain gender, etc.

Anyway, here’s Tony Spears talking about how he once was gay, but now he’s banging one very special lady named Felicia! Also, he only had the gayness because he didn’t know his Paw Paw. Riiiiiiight. Oh, and Pat Robertson gets so excited at the end! He’s rocking back and forth in reaction to the gayness that went away by the power of prayer!