Naked Came the Hate GroupNaked Came The Senator is quite obviously not ready for prime-time, as he seemed to sympathize (in public!) with Joseph Stack, the man who flew a plane into the IRS building in Houston last week. “Voters are frustrated,” you see.*

And now, it seems he’s gone and done another stupid thing, as he invited the SPLC-certified hate group MassResistance to a little breakfast meeting. Now, wingnuts might say “well, he’s just meeting with his consituents!” And I suppose that would technically be true. But there’s a difference between granting a meeting with an unhinged person like Brian Camenker (MassResistance’s leader) and actively reaching out to the entire hate group, which is what Scott Brown has done. Here’s the text of the e-mail MassResistance sent out, via Kyle at Right Wing Watch:

US Senator Scott Brown held an impromptu breakfast Feb. 20 in South Boston to connect with representatives of his grassroots activist supporters. It included key Republican activists, Tea Party activists, and others (even some Democrats). South Boston activists invited MassResistance to join the event as the major pro-family action group.

The Brown people seem well aware who his base is, and he genuinely wants to stay connected with them … The meeting was at the Playwright Restaurant and Bar on West Broadway. Brown strolled in a few minutes early with just an aide.

Sen. Brown mingled and spoke individually with people for quite a while. He talked about a range of topics. And he wanted us to feel comfortable contacting his office if we needed to, and said that he would represent the average person’s interests. Then everyone sat down and had breakfast. Later, he gave a short speech and left for his next appointment.

A meeting like this in Massachusetts is really quite astonishing. Although the liberals get this kind of meeting all the time (e.g., the current governor regularly meeting with MassEquality), the idea of a U.S. Senator (or any major politician) sitting down with real conservative activists is simply unheard of. Certainly no recent Republican governor – Bill Weld, Paul Cellucci, Jane Swift, or Mitt Romney – would have ever done this. They often met with liberal activists, but they were uncomfortable around conservatives and kept them at a distance.

But Brown’s message was that he’s willing to listen to us and take us seriously. And despite years of politics and sudden national fame, he hasn’t become elitist or condescending — which also makes him an oddity among politicians here.


Again: SPLC-certifed hate group. Invited by Naked Came the Senator. For break-y-poo. Adorable.

So…I’m curious! Is this what all you gay wingnuts were fighting for, as you positively slobbered over the sexy naked man with the truck leading up to and after his election? Was this part of the plan? Really. Spin it for me. Tell me how this is all really okay. Defend your captors.


*Terrorism is okay with wingnuts when it’s THEIR KIND of terrorism. It’s important to understand these kinds of things about wingnuts.