To mix a few metaphors, when Brit Hume sticks his foot in his mouth, he just keeps digging!

(Pause while you form that mental picture. Got it?)

A few weeks back Brit Hume made headlines by dropping any pretense he had left that he was a journalist of some sort, and suggesting that in order for Tiger Woods to fix his mistakes, he should abandon his Buddhist faith and become a Christian. (This, despite the fact that on most counts, practicing Buddhists mop the floor with practicing Christians when it comes to morality.) Well, now he’s gone and done it again. After Tiger’s press conference where he said “Sorry about all the sex, y’all,” he said that he had “lost track” of the teachings of his faith.

So that should be the end of the story, right? Oh, but no. Brit Hume decided to go on television and say this instead:

I thought Tiger Woods showed himself in that presentation to be a shaken, chastened, and contrite man. And gone was the swagger. Gone was all of the radiant self-confidence that we used to see in him. This was a pretty shaken guy up there.

Now look, I think, because I’m a Christian and I believe that Christianity is true, that Tiger Woods and his wife Elin would be a lot farther down the road toward forgiveness and redemption if they were both Christians, but they’re not. And I — they’re going to do the best they can with what they have. And I wish Tiger Woods well.

Oh fergawdsake. Now it’s a pissing contest over which religion brings redemption faster?

Christianity: I can forgive you all the way past that tree!

Buddhism: Grow up, dude.