Peter LaBarbera is very confused as to why conservatives like Kathleen Parker, Dick Cheney, Liz Cheney, et al., support repeal of DADT.

Um, because beltway conservatives never actually cared what fringe religious people thought in the first place, and they don’t really like you? Because y’all are just stupid votes to them? Always have been, always will be?

This has been Simple Answers to Simple Questions.

Also: Staff Sergeant Major Corporal Queen of the Tuff Guys’ Privates Laurie Higgins of the loathsome Illinois Family Institute is mad about the eventual repeal of DADT, because she only wants to protect the Fundamentalist Christian Cowards who are so scared of gay people that they wouldn’t re-enlist if they had to serve alongside openly gay soldiers, sailors, airmen, etc. Also, she thinks people are more accepting of LGBT people these days because “intellectual conservative voices” (HA HA HA) have been silenced on the issue. I say: If they’re such shivering pansies that they can’t handle openly gay servicemembers, then they’re obviously not brave enough to be defending our freedom in the first place, especially considering the fact that most servicemembers are already comfortable with gay people in general, and a lot of them already know for sure that they serve with gays. It doesn’t bother them.

I guess the majority of our military just has a wee bit stronger spine than fundamentalist cowards like Laurie Higgins.

And may I add: USA! USA! USA!

Love it or leave it, Higgins.