Ex-Gay Watch contacted NARTH’ David Pruden today for an on-record statement.

Goldberg is listed on NARTH’ website as an Executive Secretary and they have a long history with him. In his response, Pruden confirmed that JONAH’ Arthur A. Goldberg was indeed Arthur Abba Goldberg.

I know nothing about the content of the article from Arthur or anyone else. I can say that everyone I know, knows his name is Arthur Abba Goldberg. I’ve seen it on documents, email communications, etc. for years. No secret there.

Pruden is referring to the article we sent him from the South Florida Gay News (SFGA). As such a revelation, particularly on the record, amounts to something of a statement against interest, we give it substantial weight.

Mr. Goldberg has still not publicly commented, although there is evidence that he may be tampering with his Wikepedia page.

May we suggest he simply retires, rather than subject himself to further embarrassment.