Last week I posted a piece which noted that the Illinois Family Institute, AKA Laurie Higgins’ Dog and Pony Show of Irrational Hatred, had been put back on the SPLC anti-gay hate group list. It made sense, as Laurie has spent the last year encouraging Christian children to bully gay kids and making scurrilous Nazi comparisons. But then in researching a piece a couple of days later, I noticed that IFI was missing again. Well, for the record, I got a response from the SPLC, and apparently the IFI is still flying just under the threshold of hate required to be designated as a certified hate group, and is thus not on the list. For the record.

Should she be? Probably. But the SPLC has specific criteria, and apparently Laurie has learned how to send her bile out into the world while playing just cute enough with language to sneak by.