Africa Satellite smallEarlier this week, with the help of activist Wendy Leigh, I set up a New York Times interview with Andrew Wasswa. He is a gay activist in Uganda, who met Wednesday, along with several gay rights activists, with high-ranking government officials.

“They kept asking us, “Why all this criticism, why all this pressure?’ ” Wasswa said. “They seemed more concerned about the foreign pressure than anything.”

How nice of the Ugandan government to blame gay activists for international pressure, rather than taking responsibility for introducing a psychotic murder bill.

Absolutely, depraved and pathetic.

Note to the Ugandan government: If you pass this disgusting bill in any form, our goal is to go after your international funding. Regimes that wantonly kill innocent people in the name of a fake morality should not receive a dime from the United States government. What you propose is a form of genocide worthy of war-crime punishment. It is criminal and a gross violation of human rights.

Meanwhile, in Kenya, police officers broke up a gay wedding on Friday and arrested several wedding guests, saying they had to intervene before an irate mob could stone the wedding party to death.

What a way to screw up a wedding. Talk about killing the romance!