Matthew David ‚Äî Canada’ Newest Sensation. Breakthrough Artist to be the face and voice of the 2010 Winter Olympics

Questions from Truth Wins Out

Matthew, how did you get your big break to sing at the Olympics?

Well, I can’t take any credit, I sort of fell into the opportunity. The City of Richmond (a burb of Vancuver) wanted a theme song and they wanted to film a music video as a gift to the athletes, and through a few very favourable circumstances, I was asked to do a song for them. And the rest is history!

Are you nervous about the singing it in front of the world?

To be honest, I wasn’t…until I saw the video on TV last night. I said to myself, “holy smokes, SO MANY people are going to see this!!” It’s a little insane how much attention it’s getting, but I’m excited more than anything.

What will this mean for your career?

This is the biggest thing I’ve done so far, and it just so happens to be on the world stage. A combination of the right circumstances brought me to this place, and I’m happy to represent my City in front of the world. Hopefully, it launches me internationally!

What was your inspiration for the song “Today”?

The song was actually written by Chris Janz, who produced and co-wrote on my album Masquerade as well. It isn’t a result of my inspiration, but I find the content of it inspiring, that’s for sure. It really is a song that is meant to do that. It’s all about dreaming and following your dreams – I’m a big dreamer, so I identify a lot with the song.

How is the Vancouver music scene?

I’m fairly new to the main scene, but so far I’ve found it so welcoming and helpful. A lot of artists here seem to be on the same team, willing to help each other out and put shows together, etc. The very first show I headlined – my very first show where I had to carry my own – was my CD release party last November, and I had some great acts (Laurell and S&M) opening up for me that lent their promotional power and amazing talent to the event. It really ensured it went off without a hitch.

canada-vancouverPersonally, I wish the Olympics were in another city. Vancouver is a gem and liked it when many people still did not know about it. How do you feel about the Olympics coming to Vancouver?

I have been so excited about the Olympics coming to Vancouver; and as I’ve seen all the various infrastructure projects completed, and more recently big white tents set up and flags and different displays set up all around the city, I’ve really felt the excitement building. I am so proud of this city – you’re right, it’s a gem, and I’m happy the world will get to see it. I’m very proud – I LOVE VANCOUVER!

Tell our readers, what should they know about your music?

I’m exploring my sound and my voice, and I’m learning and growing. Everything I’ve put out so far, including this new single, is pop rock with a ballad or two thrown in. My music has more of an accent on the ideas and thoughts in the lyrics. I put them in songs and production styles that help me get my ideas out to the widest possible audience. I think it’s important to have pop music that is reflective, honest, and has some brain power.

You are a good-looking guy. Admit it, being sexy helps to sell songs, doesn’t it?

Ummmm, I’ll insert an awkward laugh here. I suppose it helps; I’m definitely not trying to hide, but I haven’t made a point of promoting myself with my image…yet.

Do you take advantage of your sex appeal on stage?

I’m getting there. I’m shy. I’m slowly getting more and more comfortable on stage. It depends on the crowd. Not everyone is comfortable with a gay man acting sexy on stage, so I’ve got to ease them into it. I’m not quite ready to go Adam Lambert yet.

MD Any plans to tour the states?

We’re working on it. Hopefully this Olympic thing will get me some recognition in the US so I can venture down. I’d love to!

You left corporate banking to follow your dream. What was the final straw that made you take the plunge into a music career?

There wasn’t really a final straw; I was slowly becoming more and more miserable, and as my prospects for music started to give me the confidence I needed to leave, I just made the decision that I needed to take the plunge. I suddenly realized that my life wasn’t going to wait for me, and I didn’t want to wake up in 10 years wondering what could have been. After I decided to leave, it still took me a couple of months to actually build up the courage to submit my resignation.

Does it help to have a business background in an industry full of shady people and sharks?

It so does! I’ve been in some shark tanks before, been bitten, had some close calls, and I’ve developed an eye and ear for recognizing the signs of a shady character. I think everything happens for a reason; I had to be in business for a while in order to succeed in music, because I basically went into business for myself once I quit my job. Having that marketing and business savvy has really given me an upper hand, not that everything has gone perfectly so far.

Who are your favorite musical artists?

My favorite band is Coldplay – beautiful music, beautiful lyrics and ideas. I hate to say it, but I learned to sing by listening to Celine Dion for hours every day, so I’ve gotta give props to her. And I love my top 40 – Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Whitney, … ya, I’m one of those.

How has being out as a gay man affected your career?

So far it’s done nothing but help me. The LGBT community seems to be into really looking for artists that represent them, or better yet, speak to them. Being one of those artists at this time and place is great, because there are thousands of people looking for this type of stuff. Nothing has really materialized as far as a hindrance yet. I even got to be the face and voice of Richmond as an out artist! That’s a mainstream, huge project!

I hear you are passionate about the persecution of LGBT people in Uganda. Would you like to address the situation?

I would love to address the situation! Ask Lisa Darden, my agent, I was about ready to jump on a plane to go kick some ass a few months ago. I was so enraged! But that was just my initial reaction; I’ve simmered since. The legislation they’re tabling there is just unthinkable; I can’t wrap my head around it. I’m happy the governments of our Western nations are taking a strong stance against it and are “meddling” in the affairs of that country. It’s heartbreaking that the ideas of hatred and all the misleading and outright lying that is happening there is coming out of the minds and mouths of some so-called Christians. That’s why I did Masquerade, to stop the madness, whether it’s subtle persecution or the harshest, as in Uganda. Using God to justify hatred and fear is abominable.

What else should our readers know about you?

My cousin reminded me today that I used to play my recorder out of my nose. She put it in a blog post. Silly girl. I suppose I can still do it, if I try.

Any shirtless pictures in your future?

Hahaha – I just texted my trainer. Time to get back into the gym.

To see Matthew’s “Dream It” Video and here his song “TODAY” go to

Matthew will begin his 2010 Masquerade Tour soon in Canada and America.