Jonah Goldberg, or as he’s known around the entire internet, “The Doughy Pantload,” writing on DADT today:

[H]as anyone heard, seen or read a mainstream news story in recent days about the issue telling stories that support upholding the ban? NPR this morning had yet another story about brave, patriotic, qualified people who had to leave the military because they were homosexuals or lesbians. I find these stories compelling and I take these Americans at their word when they talk about how heartbreaking it was to be forced from the service (It’s noteworthy that stories about actual combat troops are more rare). But I can’t remember the last time I heard a similar story showing how having openly gay people in the service might cause problems.


I’m open to the possibility that the preponderance of the facts is on the side of repeal, but I know that the facts don’t all go in one direction. They never do.

Blue Texan responds:

I imagine lots of National Reviewers were saying that in 1964.


Reminder: This is a man who wrote an entire book based on the premise that everything you ever learned in any history class taught by any human with a brain is wrong, and that “fascism” is a “liberal” phenomenon. I’m still “noodling” my view on whether Jonah Goldberg got his job based on a sort of wingnut welfare involving his mother, Lucianne. (No, I’m not.) Poor Jonah…what’s a bigot gotta do to read something that confirms his bias these days? Life is so hard, really.