A key player in Uganda’s antigay genocide bill is also Uganda’s envoy to Hollywood and the U.S. Christian Right.

We wrote about Matthew Crouch — son of infamous prosperity-preachers Jan and Paul Crouch, back in December.

We asked that people write to the consul and demand that he publicly state his position regarding the bill. So did Soulforce.

Since there has been no response, we’d like to help raise public attention regarding this “Christian” and his role in destroying human rights in Africa.

Please consider writing a letter similar to the following. Many thanks to activist Zoe Nicholson for suggesting this.

Matthew Wendall Crouch
US Uganda Consul, Los Angeles
7095 Hollywood Blvd 1260
Los Angeles, CA 90068

Dear Mr. Matthew Crouch,

I am sending this letter as an “open letter,” because I have not been able to contact you privately. I found your name by googling the Uganda Consulate. I called the office in Washington DC and they confirmed your posted address and phone. I mention all of this, as I want to be entirely up front.

I am an LGBT Civil Rights activist. Along with President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Rep Tammy Baldwin and Rep Howard Berman in publicly repudiating Uganda’ criminalization of homosexuality and, in particular, the extreme Uganda Bill #18′ call for life in prison or, possibly, death; I am greatly disturbed by this repugnant law, cultural sensibility and vicious oppression of Ugandan gay and lesbian people.

I would like to know your position, as the Uganda US Consul. It is important for the public to know your position. There is so much cause for alarm; your trip to Uganda last summer, your parents (Jan & Paul Crouch’ Trinity Broadcasting Network’ participation in advising Uganda on the evils of homosexuality), your religious film production company, GenerX8ion all point to a clear intersection to Uganda and US ministers conferring on homosexual genocide.

I am not the first person who has tried to contact you. Michael Petrelis has also written and made inquiry. Let me open this door widely for you. I am truly hoping that you speak proudly and publicly against the Ugandan treatment of homosexuals. I would be proud to stand with you at any of the protests on Feb 19th, 2010 to demonstrate our solidarity with LBGT people around the world. You may know that Feb 19th has been designated in Uganda as a National Day in support of Uganda Bill #18, called for by Minister Martin Ssempa. Should you want to call a press conference you would be able to say you are in agreement with President Obama, SOS Clinton and House Resolution 1064, which has more than three dozen sponsors including Representatives Barney Frank, Tammy Baldwin, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and Barbara Lee.

We look forward to your statement, as US Consul to Uganda.
I would be honored to post it on my site and distribute as widely as I have this request.

Zoe Ann Nicholson
[address redacted]

cc: US Uganda Consulate Washington
Office of the Secretary of State
Representative Howard Berman
Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission (via Rep Tammy Bladwin)
Truth Wins Out
Box Turtle Bulletin