Crazy, I know!

Peter put up another one of his trademark misinformed, ill-educated, unscientific posts this evening. This one is of the “I’m going to describe transgender people using the same dehumanizing words as a confused little Damien might use” genre. As juvenile as it is petty, you can almost see a young Peter nudging a young Bam Bam (covered in dried peanut butter and spittle, both) as they laugh together and say “EW, gross!” at people they don’t understand; or alternately, you can imagine on his face the confused stare of an Idaho toddler upon visiting a town with black people for the first time.

Read the piece if you want. It’s not worth rebutting because, you know, come on. There comes a time when it’s just like “Okay, Mary, say something new.”

But the part I find funny is the tagline in red, below the post title. He inadvertently describes the exact nature of his bigoted little post, through the eyes of a normal, open-minded human being who doesn’t need a pee pad between the mattress and the sheets:


Why yes, Peter, your post is precisely that. Offensive content, indeed! The bigoted scribblings of a man unwilling/unable to understand that everything isn’t as simple as his limited, anti-intellectual worldview would suggest, a man unwilling/unable to feel/express real love for his fellow man, who instead goes through the motions of a counterfeit love that uses the name of Jesus Christ as a club to knock down anyone who deviates from whatever Dark Ages norm has been unfortunately imprinted on his psyche.

Regardless, thanks for the moment of honesty, Pete.

I assume we can expect another one in a year or so?