Chris Matthews just got him to admit it on Hardball. It literally just happened, so I’ll update this post with video and a transcript as soon as I can find it.

Sprigg also said that gay people aren’t qualified to serve our country, and that DADT should be repealed so that gays can’t even serve in silence.

Chris Matthews drives me up the wall on a regular basis, but when he’s good, he’s GOOD.

More soon…

UPDATE: Here’s a link to the video at MSNBC. Will update with an embeddable video as soon as I find one.

Here you go:

(h/t Sean in the comments. Thanks!)

Video of the full segment:

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Sprigg is also a board member and spokesperson for Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays, the antigay parents group which has sought to suppress comprehensive sex education in public schools — despite the wishes of local parents — and to replace fact-based curricula with antigay and ex-gay propaganda.