You see, according to some people, gays who don’t support politicians who are anti-gay, and say so publicly, are the “gay thought police.” Because, you see, some people read 1984 and totally didn’t get it. If they were able to comprehend words and sentences, or use literary references correctly, they might not make such asinine statements as this:

…[A]s I learned in a post linked by Glenn Reynolds, [Harold Ford, Jr.] has attracted the animus of New York’ “Angry Gays.” And we know they’re not easily placated. “Their beef seems to knows no bounds: Ford’ dismal anti-gay voting record back in Tennessee.” Yet, the post provides no details of said voting record. Still, gay activists in the Empire State have been quick to condemn this young man, with their “rapid-fire” response to his talk of challenging Gilibrand confirming “the potency of their furor ‚Äî and newfound commitment to taking on politicians deemed enemies of the gay state.”


Guess it’ not enough for the gay thought police if someone changes his mind on gay marriage (as Ford has done, now supporting it). There is no placating some gay activists who demand complete subservience to a set ideology, including adherence to the social justice code of the “progressive” elites.

All right, ding-dongs who don’t know how to use Google, let’s see if we can fix this. Let’s see…oh lookie:

While his two votes backing an amendment to the US Constitution that defined marriage as “only the union of a man and a woman” and effectively barred any state or federal constitutional claim to marriage for same-sex couples might be enough to cost him gay support, earlier votes cast by Harold Ford in the House may further alienate gay and lesbian voters.


In addition to the marriage votes, Ford supported a 1998 amendment to a District of Columbia appropriations bill that banned gay adoption in the nation’ capital, according to a scorecard from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’ leading gay lobby. He also opposed using federal funds to pay for needle exchange programs that year.


Ford compiled a mixed record during his five terms. In his first three, HRC gave him a 75, 90, and 100, but those scores fell to 44 and then 25 in his final two terms. His rankings were hurt most by his 2004 and 2006 votes for the marriage amendment, but he also opposed a federal hate crimes bill in his final term (after earlier supporting it) and declined to sponsor some legislation that HRC supported but never came to a vote.

Oh, dear. I guess we’re not just making stuff up. And yes, he now says he has changed his mind. Perhaps that’s because he knows that he would have no chance in New York if he didn’t. But we, the Gay Thought Police, weren’t born yesterday, and we know how to follow the arc of a politician’s career to get a handle on his overall record on issues. And Ford comes up sorely lacking.

And what some call “adherence to the social justice code of the progressive elites,” others simply call “support for full equality for LGBT Americans.” It’s sad that this has to be spelled out, repeatedly, but when you have a tiny subset of gay conservatives who hate themselves so much they’re willing to surrender their dignity in support of politicians who consider them to be approximately 3/5 human, who don’t consider themselves to be worthy of full equality, and who are simply excited that they get to eat at the big boy table as long as they agree not to talk, I guess you just have to keep correcting them.

They’re only children, after all.

UPDATE: And just seconds after I hit post on this one, another one from the same source came up in my news feed that really, I think, sums it all up, so instead of weeding through the self-loathing yet again (twice in the same night is unhealthy), we’re just going to dispense with this one with a Shorter.

Shorter B. Daniel Blatt, Gay Patriot:

Hating & Blacklisting Supporters of Traditional Marriage

  • I’m really mad that now even Cindy McCain says that people who vote against gay people are motivated by hate, because supporters of traditional marriage have some really good points, and they definitely don’t say the same thing over and over again, because really, people who don’t view us as equal citizens don’t hate us or anything, I mean, only a few gay people have been beaten or killed in the past year, and how can you call that hate? I think the real haters are the gay people who think they deserve rights, unlike us gay conservatives, who KNOW. OUR. PLACE! And besides, it’s really fun back here at the back of the bus, you guys!
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    “Shorter” concept comes from here, and also here, with a hat tip to Sadly, No! We, too, are aware of all internet traditions.‚Ñ¢