What is it with these people? What part of “Christian organization” do they not understand? Why are they so pigheaded-ly beholden to the Republican party that they are actively working against healthcare for millions of people?* And on what planet is Tony Perkins a policy expert on any subject besides how to have the most conspicuously perfect gay hair in the state of Mississippi?

John Cole just got push-polled by the Family Research Council, who asked the following questions. His answers are included:

Do you have a favorable opinion of Obama: Yes.

Do you support taxpayer funded abortions: Yes

Do you support cuts of up to 50% in medicare in the Pelosi/Reid/Obama healthcare plan? Yes.

Do you support backroom deals to pass the Pelosi/Reid/Obama healthcare plan. I actually don’t, but I said yes just to screw with their results.

Are you over 50: No.

Is this mobile phone your primary phone: Yes.

Have you ever contributed to a campaign or religious group: Yes.

This poll was funded by the Family Research Council.

I would have given precisely the same answers.

But my god, really? I’m sort of surprised they didn’t find a way to smear gay people in the call. I mean, they’re lying about the Medicare cuts and the taxpayer-funded abortions, why not stick something in about how gays will control death panels based on people’s contributions to Proposition 8 or something? It’s just as plausible as most of the crap they make up.

*Yes, the Senate bill sucks. It also, on balance, will help a lot of people, and it can be fixed later. That’s the only choice we have left, unless you somehow think it’s okay to just let uninsured people continue to die in growing numbers, underinsured people go bankrupt and lose their homes and livelihoods, all because you’re mad at the Democrats in Congress. Yeah, well, I am too. I’m also a grown-up, and I understand that sometimes you have to suck it up and consider what’s best for the country, and this option is better than killing it and letting it fester for the next 25 years. See Paul Krugman’s piece on the “Underpants Gnome” theory of healthcare reform which some progressives seem to support.