Now that the Supreme Court says corporations are people, I sure hope they don’t win the right to marry before LGBT Americans. However, if they can marry, I hope Starbucks is available. It makes more money than my boyfriend. And, I already wake up every morning with it by my side. Clearly, we are compatible.

Seriously, I agree with Evan, that this is will go down as the one of the worst SCOTUS decisions in the modern age. Scalia and his puppets just sold this nation to the corporations. The CEO’s and billionaires will get policy meetings behind closed doors with Senators. The rest of us, if we are lucky, will receive canned photocopied letters sent by interns to pretend they are addressing our concerns.

Craziest of all, is that ignorant tea bag crowd thinks that Republicans are actually on their side. GOP leaders and their corporate masters surely mock them, as well as the religious right. “Watch this neat little trick,” I imagine a U.S. Senator might say to a CEO of Big Oil, “If I put on cowboy boots, tap this Bible twice and berate taxes that pay for basic services, ‘the people’ think I’m one of them. Then, they’ll vote against the interests of their own children. It works every time.”

I know I’m supposed to say that the voters are brilliant and that Americans usually get it right. But, if the last thirty years have proven one thing, it is that we are a people easily distracted, we vote for style over substance and actual policy is divorced from personal preferences. This is how we ended up with George W. Bush in the White House – and as a result of our poor choice, Samuel Alito and John Roberts are now ruining America from their perches on the The Supreme Court.

Bitch and yell all you want tea baggers. But, unless you own a large tea exporting company, no one of consequence will hear what you have to say anymore. You have no one but yourselves to blame.