I had wondered, since he had been strangely silent on the issue, most likely because his friend Scott Lively has been so intimately involved in the situation.

But for the record, Peter thinks the genocide is A-OK, and that Americans are arrogant for thinking it’s okay to interfere. Oh, he doesn’t say it that explicitly, but from the entire tone of the piece, it can be ascertained that Pete hasn’t lost much sleep over the plight of dark-skinned gays in a land that he couldn’t identify on a map even if you were threatening to hit “delete” on his file folder full o’ Folsom photos.* He adds some throwaway line at the end about supposedly not having studied the legislation in Uganda, but what part of “death penalty for gay people” requires further study, Pete? Do you need to get out your magnifying glass or something?

Elsewhere in his post, before he quote Robert Knight’s dishonest, genocide-defending screed in full (which I tore apart here), Peter takes some time to complain (yet again) that Warren Throckmorton has discovered his soul and is trying to work against some of the more violent and hateful forces for which he used to apologize. This is to be expected because, much like a wealthy white person who defends the rights of the poor and minorities is often viewed by her peers as a class traitor, Peter is probably more burned by Throckmorton’s “betrayal” than he ever could be about something so quaint as mass murder against an entire sector of the Ugandan population.

Also, Peter issues a “challenge to accomodationists” like Throckmorton wherein he will “stand corrected” if somebody can show him where sexual orientation “as this concept is currently understood and posited in academia, the media and society” is mentioned in the Bible. I don’t know why this is really a challenge, because nobody claims that the Bible accurately describes sexual orientation. The Bible also fails to accurately describe microbiology, climatology, Keynesian economic theory, Ugg boots, iPhones, Jersey Shore and Snuggies, but that’s not an argument for their nonexistence. Or maybe it is in Peter’s world. Maybe he just hasn’t written a column called “Blankets don’t have sleeves and Wayne Besen is mean for saying they do!” yet.

So now we’re caught up on what Peter thinks about Uganda. We can go back to grown-up stuff now, until next time.

Alvin has more here.

*Say that five times fast.