UPDATE: The YouTube videos have been pulled, but you can still watch them on the Perry v. Schwarzenegger YouTube channel.

These videos, aired this morning in the Prop 8 trial, are damning to our opposition. The brief backstory is that these were defense witnesses who gave sworn depositions, and whom the defense withdrew over concerns that the trial was going to be videotaped. At least that’s what they said. From what I can see, the anti-gay side was probably more motivated by the fact that their own witnesses undermined their entire case. That’s what happens when anti-gay forces have to go under oath. They have no legal basis for their beliefs. All they have is anti-gay animus.

Once again, these arguments are being made by experts originally called by the proponents of Proposition 8.


Katherine Young:

Paul Nathanson:

If you can’t watch video for some reason, the transcripts are here (Young) and here (Nathanson).