That’s what Daniel Blatt says in his latest non-response to my piece on the CPAC/GOProud kerfuffle.

To which I reply:

Wow, that’s really awful that the mainstreamgay left” (as Dan calls the great majority of politically aware gay people) never gave Dick Cheney credit for supporting marriage equality.*


On pretty much every other issue, though, Dick Cheney remains a lying, war-mongering, Constitution-subverting ghoul.

But he does support marriage equality! For the record, you guys! Because you probably hadn’t heard it before, because we never talk about it, because shhhhhhhhhhhh!


*A couple of the links are not gay lefties themselves, but are gay-supporting lefties. Why? Well, because I didn’t want to repeat any blogs/news sources, and once I had found at least one blog post commending Dick Cheney from every single gay lefty source in my Google Reader, I decided to fill up the rest with OTHER lefties giving Dick Cheney credit for being right about one thing in his entire life!