Hulk smash Fundamentalist Christian preconceived notions of superior morality!* Nate Silver, as he so often does, analyzed the data and found that

Over the past decade or so, divorce has gradually become more uncommon in the United States. Since 2003, however, the decline in divorce rates has been largely confined to states which have not passed a state constitutional ban on gay marriage. These states saw their divorce rates decrease by an average of 8 percent between 2003 and 2008. States which had passed a same-sex marriage ban as of January 1, 2008, however, saw their divorce rates rise by about 1 percent over the same period.

The state-by-state data is damning. Conservative states, for the most part, are the ones doing the most harm to the institution of marriage, it seems. Meanwhile, Massachusetts, the first state to pass marriage equality, continues to have the lowest divorce rate in the nation, and its divorce rate has gone down 20.7% since marriage equality became a reality.

Nothing conservatives believe is true, I swear to God.

(h/t AMERICAblog Gay)

*It’s a Hulk smash day, because of this, which is the funniest thing on the entire internet today. You will be sorry if you don’t click the clicky, and the worst part is, you won’t even know how sorry you really are, so really, do what I say.