Building on Wayne’s post below about Harry Reid’s dumb comments, and the way that Republicans with segregationist ties and long arcs of public racism are trying to create false equivalencies in an effort to show that the Democrats are the real racists, we have the LGBT community’s lowest common denominator, B. Daniel Blatt of Gay Patriot, making the following assertion:

Some might say that given [Trent Lott’s] history with the segregationist group “Council of Conservative Citizens,” Lott’ statement had been part of pattern. Well, Reid too has a pattern of denigrating intelligent African-Americans, having disparaged the writing skills of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Click through those links. I dare you. Go back to the original quotes and marvel at the way Republicans just cold lie any time it serves their purpose.*

All that Harry Reid said was that Clarence Thomas was not too bright, and that he was a crappy writer, to boot. Both of those things are painfully true.

To make the mental leap required in assuming that Reid’s comments about Thomas were racist in nature, Blatt has to first be operating from his own assumption that black people are crappy writers. Because in the normal human world, you can criticize a person’s writing skills without considering their skin color. So, let’s call this one a study in projection, one that’s all too typical in the conservative world.

It’s Gay Patriot, so of course there’s a bit of internalized self-hatred on display:

Note how often Republicans are tarred as “anti-gay” for holding the same position on gay marriage as the Democratic President of the United States.

Yeah, just because they don’t support our dignity as human beings and as equal citizens, it doesn’t mean they’re anti-gay, you guys! I mean, you guys, we’re supposed to be second class citizens, right? And really, it’s our fault for wanting to be treated equally. Why won’t we ever learn that Our Lord in Heaven appointed heterosexual white males to lead society?

And perhaps Blatt has missed this, but the politically active liberal LGBT community has been giving the Obama administration absolute hell for the way they’ve been breaking their promises. I guess that little fact doesn’t fit the Gay-triot narrative about how they’re the real maverick-y tuff guy cowboys.

*Beware, though. The links take you through first Glenn Reynolds and then to Ann Althouse, two of the other stupidest people on the entire internet. Oh, no, am I being racist against dimwitted white people?