Iris Robsinon is a 60-year old lawmaker and the wife of Peter Robinson, a powerful politician in Ireland. The New York Times describes Iris as “stridently moralistic”. She once reportedly said, “There can be no viler act, apart from homosexuality and sodomy, than sexually abusing children.”

Ironically, The New York Times reports that she was cheating on her husband with a 19-year old lad. Her dalliance may bring down her husband’s government and severely compromise the peace process with largely Catholic southern Ireland.

It has come to the point where anyone who presents themselves as a standard-barer for values should be looked with an eye of suspicion. Indeed, we could call it “moral profiling”, because normal people in healthy relationships do not feel the need to scream to the world, “look how pure and righteous I am.”

Chalk this one up to another right wing hypocrite exposed. Unfortunately, this news bombshell may actually lead to the detonation of real bombs in the future. Given the high stakes and that peace was on the line, the irresponsible actions of Mrs. Robinson are particularly selfish and immoral.