New Jersey state Senator Gerald Cardinale, a Republican from Cresskill, said that although the civil unions statute was flawed, the state would be doing “violence” to the institution of marriage by changing its current definition as a union between one man and one woman.

“There are many who believe that this bill will change our entire culture,” he said, shortly before casting his “no” vote.

Yes, because we can all see how civilization has collapsed in Massachusetts, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, Washington, DC and Connecticut. And the world has virtually ended in Canada, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, Norway and Sweden (and now Portugal). We should all prefer the more anti-gay places, such as Uganda, Jamaica and Mississippi.

The arguments of our opponents can only work on ignorant people who have not traveled. Ever notice how the lower the education level, the higher incidence of homophobia?

If one has been to any of these destinations that already have inclusive marriage laws, it is beyond clear that nothing has changed – except LGBT people are treated fairly and equally. Indeed, the Bible Belt states, have the highest divorce rates – perhaps, showing that fundamentalism is harmful and doing “violence” to families.