What happened when the New Jersey Senate vote on marriage equality went down? If you skip to around 1:12 in this video, you’ll see a woman named Aughtney Khan, whose religion apparently trumps her humanity, and whose expression of joy at the prospect of hurting gay people can be described as nothing less than unmitigated, sadistic glee. She appears to be a normal human being, but then the religious programming* kicks in:

(h/t Good-As-You)

And oh lookie, she’s a minister. Isn’t that the kind of mentally stable person you want leading you spiritually?

*And look, I’m not knocking all religious faith. I’m knocking the kind that causes people to lose their moral compasses and their humanity, in the service of meaningless, unfalsifiable dogma. The kind that causes people to rejoice in the suffering of their neighbors. In short, I’m knocking religious sadism.