The New York Times reports that the Obama administration has inserted language into the federal jobs Web site explicitly banning barack_obamaemployment discrimination based on gender identity. This is excellent news and Obama should be praised for taking this step. While there is so much more work to do, let’s rejoice today and enjoy our progress.

Of course, social conservatives became nearly deranged over the move:

“We at the Family Research Council oppose including gender identity as a category of protection,” said Peter S. Sprigg, senior fellow for policy studies. Mr. Sprigg said his group believed that what it calls “gender identity disorder” should be “treated with therapy to help people be comfortable with their biological sex rather than affirming and celebrating and protecting those who want to deny their biological sex.”

SpriggActually, Sprigg and everyone who “thinks” like him are the ones in need of therapy. To paraphrase a Seinfeld episode, they need, “a serious team of shrinks for a major intervention, maybe even from Austria itself.”

The transgender community is a small minority that has hurt no one. They simply want to work, make a living and be left alone. The fact that Sprigg feels threatened by these individuals says more about his mental health, or lack thereof. People who are secure in their gender identity or sexual orientation know they are not directly affected by such matters. It is only closet cases and mental cases who feel they must suppress the transgender community and gratuitously insult them.

Do people like Sprigg really think that if trans-Americans receive support and acceptance, a large number of people will suddenly jump up and run off to the doctor to change genders?

Really, what exactly is it that this man fears? I don’t get it.

Bottom line: The new language will help those who are transgender, which is terrific and fully embraced and supported by Truth Wins Out. It will have zero impact on people like me – and most other straight and gay people. It will drive people like Sprigg – who seems to have more issues than a New York magazine stand – absolutely nuts.

My question to Sprigg is, “Dude, how does this affect you?”