god_hates_fags_12-25-20021It has been my policy to refrain from talking about Fred Phelps because he is just plain nuts and not to be taken seriously. The entire family is a homophobic cartoon and worthy of as much laughter as scorn.

For those who do not know, Phelps is the buffoonish, attention-seeking preacher in Topeka, Kansas who travels across the nation with “God Hates Fags” signs.He also now believes that God hates America because it has accepted LGBT people – sort of.

Today, however, I will break my rule on discussing this family because they have attacked the LGBT community icon Lady GaGa with a spoof song on her hit “Poker Face”. In the remake, Fred’s granddaughter, Megan Phelps-Roper, says that the diva has a “Whorish Face”. I can just feel the love of God in that lyric, can you?

Aside from the fact that Megan is clearly brainwashed by her abusive old man, herlady-gaga attacks only make her, and the family, look more absurd. Plus, she can’t sing.

However, unlike many of the fundamentalists I know, at least the Phelps clan is honest about its feelings. I’d rather deal with these creeps than Alan Chambers or Randy Thomas of Exodus International. People of this ilk are more dishonest because they feign “love” then stab you in the back when talking with fundamentalist audiences.

So, while, I disdain everything Phelps and his brood stand for, it is refreshing to hear right wing nuts lay their cards on the table and leave their dishonest “poker face” behind. I rather know who I am dealing with, than have to shovel through mounds of mental manure and spin.That is precisely what we have gotten, of course, from Exodus on the Uganda situation. I can only hope that the New Years resolutions for Thomas and Chambers is to be more honest about their feelings for openly LGBT people.