Box Turtle Bulletin has just thrown down the gauntlet with their debut of three videos which expose Scott Lively’s talks in Uganda. Lively, of course, is one of the primary American Evangelicals responsible for encouraging the “Kill the Gays” genocide bill in that country. As you will see in these videos, he is a very sick man. He has been spreading a malevolent lie for over a decade, straight out of his fever dreams, that gays were an integral agressor in the Holocaust, but the video I’m posting finds Lively telling a new lie, one so sinister, considering his audience, that even I am stunned: that gays were responsible for the Rwandan genocide. If you’re not that familiar with African geography, please click here to realize that Uganda and Rwanda share a border. That Scott Lively would play on the fears and tortured memories of people who lived through and next to the famous Rwandan genocide in his life-wasting jihad against gay people should turn the stomach of any rational human being.

It comes as no surprise that Lively apparently referred to this series of talks as a “nuclear bomb” against the “gay agenda.” Anyone who would strike first with a “nuclear bomb” is a demented individual, indeed.

That’s all I’ve got to say. Carl Jung would have a lot more to say, but I digress.

Watch this video here, and then click over to BTB for the rest, and for more detailed commentary from Jim.