jamesdobson-bwEven before he officially leaves Focus on the Family, James Dobson has vindictively started a rival organization and radio show with his son Ryan, who runs KOR World Ministries.

Focus on the Family is trying to put a happy spin on the situation, but we all know this is not good news for the long-time right wing behemoth.

“He has the chance to share his life’s work and passion with his only son,” Jim Daly, president and CEO of Focus, said in a statement congratulating Dobson on his new venture. “What man wouldn’t choose to do that?”

Focus on the Family has long been a cult of personality, based on the name recognition of James Dobson. Clearly, his move will siphon off many of this organization’s followers, potentially placing jobs at risk in a time of economic recession.

Focus on the Family already announced mass layoffs in Sept. 2009. Additionally, in a cost-cutting measure, the group recently pawned its “ex-gay” roadshow, Love Won Out, to Exodus International. How will Dobson’s move help Focus on the Family recover?

There are many ways to describe James Dobson, but “loyal” is clearly not one of them.

I predict that Dobson’s new venture will be even more hard core than Focus on the Family. He will have fewer constraints and will use it as a platform to spew anti-gay views and promote anachronistic ideas.

We had hoped to throw him a retirement party. I guess we can officially put away the confetti.